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Lash & Brow Treatments

Lash and brow hairs increase in pigment as they grow, creating hairs that dark at the base, lighter in the middle and translucent at the tip. Tinting makes the hairs look thicker, longer and more numerous. Natural and safe vegetable tints are used to affect the delicate eye area. They differ from pentetrating hair colour as they create a coating on the hair. The fairer your hair, the more coatings are needed to achieve a real depth of colour. We reccomend tinting every six weeks for dark-haired clients and three weeks for fair-haired clients. Clients who have grey and/or ‘resistant’ hair should choose double tinting for best results.

Eyebrow Consult & Shape

We pride ourselves in taking special care of your brows. We will discuss your needs, make professional recommendations and chart your brows so that you can see our vision before we act. Then we expertly shape your brows, soothe them with a massage and even perfect them with brow pencil or powder at your choice.

Treatment Includes:

Consultation, Wax, Tweeze, Trim,  Eye Area Massage, Brow Enhancement
30 min | $25

Party Lashes

Clusters of 5-7 hairs are glued to your existing lashes. Glue is strong enough to last up to 10 days. Simply return each fortnight to replace those that have shed or let the remainder fall off. It’s a wonderful addition for lengthy special occasions.

Treatment Includes:

Lash Cleanse, Lash Application, Lash Trim (if necessary)
15 min | $22

Lash Lift

This treatment puts a permanent curl at the root of the lashes, opening the eye and showing off your true length. Our chosen product enables you to tint the same day and even makes the tint take better than usual. May be repeated every three months. We have three different sizes of rods to customise your look, from subtle to dramatic.

Treatment Includes:

Lash Cleanse, Lash Perm, Conditioning Lash Treatment

30 min | $40.00

Lash Extensions

This popular treatment grafts synthetic lashes to your own using the strongest glue available. Using three to five different sizes, our application graduates from shorter lashes at the inside corner to longer lashes at the outside corner. We utilise single, ‘Y’ and ‘W’ lashes to build not just length, but volume. The application is semi-permanent. As the lashes that the extensions are attached to are shed and replaced, new extensions are applied to fill in the gaps, so your lashes get longer and fuller with each subsequent visit. Each visit imparts 50 new lashes on each eye. Treatment should be repeated every three to four weeks. As the synthetic lashes are black, we recommend a lash tint prior to extension application for clients with fair hair.

Treatment Includes:

Lash Cleanse, 100 Extensions (50 each eye)

60 min | $60

Tinting Service
10 min Eyebrow Tint $12
15 min Eyelash Tint $18
30 min Double Lash Tinting $22
15 min Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint $22
15 min Eyebrow Bleach & Tint $22