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IPL Hair Reduction

Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, progressive hair removal is a laser treatment that targets the melanin of the hair to conduct a current to the hair bulb, weakening and destroying it, thus ridding you of unwanted hair. IPL differs from other laser hair removal types because of the wide band of light rays that are used, providing greater efficacy of hair removal on a larger variation of hair and skin colours. Unlike other lasers, we can treat hair of any colour and on any skin colour. Our medical grade laser is the fastest on the market, delivering 3 pulses per second, and with an inbuilt cooling unit, your treatment is fast, comfortable and painless. Like electrolysis, the destruction of the hair bulb can only take place when a hair is in the active growing stage, Anagen; and as each of our hairs are not simultaneous in their growth cycle, it is necessary to treat the same area until all hairs have been eradicated. Dependant on influent hormonal factors, a yearly touch up may be necessary. Our IPL unit is a TGA registered medical device with multiple levels of in-built safety and is used by a trained professional in hygienic conditions.



Lip 20
Nose 20
Brows 20
Forehead 35
Cheeks 35
Chin 35
Lip & Chin 50
Sideburns 35
Front of Neck 45
Full Face 120
Back of Neck 45
Shoulders 65
Half Back 130
Full Back 160
Underarms 45
Half Arms 100
Full Arms 135
Hands & Fingers 20
Nipples 45