7 Pendrigh Place St Helens, Tasmania, 7216

Expert Waxing

We use strip wax heated to body temperature applied over large and flat areas like legs, arms and backs to get quick results.  On smaller areas and areas that require more precision, we use hot wax at an elevated temperature to dilate the hair follicles and allow thicker hairs to come out without discomfort.  Strong hygiene standards and respect of your modesty leave you comfortably hair free in no time.  We offer all waxing services to female & male clientele.





Lip above upper and below lower 5 min $12
Chin chin & neck beneath 5 min $12
Ear inside and/or out 10 min $12
Nose inside and/or out 10 min $12
Half Face lip, chin, neck & jaw 15 min $30
Full Face forehead, brows, cheeks, nose, lip, chin, neck & jaw 30 min $60
Underarm all visible hair 10 min $18
Arm wrist to shoulder 15 min $22
Half Leg 3 fingers above knee to toes 20 min $33
Full Leg ankle to bikini line 30 min $44
Chest clavicle to waistline 30 min $33
Back waist to neckline including shoulders 30 min $33
Neck & Shoulders hairline to deltoid 15 min $22
Bikini upper inner thigh 15 min $22
Brazilian upper inner thigh & pubic mound 20 min $33
Hollywood upper inner thigh, pubic mound & buttocks 30 min $44